About Us

About Us

Daman Pipe is a Manufacturer and Exporter of Shouldered End & Grooved End Galvanized Steel Pipe & Pipe Fittings as per Alvenius/Klambon/Victaulic specifications. We are managed by a highly qualified techno commercial managerial team that is in pursuance of excellence and committed to maintain international quality standards, efficient delivery schedules, competitive pricing & total customer satisfaction.

Working in association with end users of equipment, We have developed a range of pipe fittings for use in Shoulder End/ Grooved piping system.
Development is an ongoing process at Daman Pipe, so watch this space for more innovative solutions for fluid control and handling.Ultimately, when you are operating under pressure it’s good to know you are in safe hands, which is what our clients have come to expect from Daman Pipe as their preferred service provider.

Mission Statement

To design quality products and provide quality service at competitive prices, whilst continually innovating.

Vision Statement

To become the leading Pipe Fitting manufacturer & supplier of shoulder end/flexible coupling piping system in India.


The Shouldered End Ring is welded in house as per international Standards. The Hydro testing of the Shouldered End Pipes is performed .The material of pipe conforms to relevant Standard.