Couplings for Shouldered Pipe – Alvenius K10 / Klambon / Victaulic type

Each coupling / clamp consists of two identical curved housing, gaskets, nuts and bolts. The housing are manufactured from the Ductile Iron Casting, the Gasket is from Nitrile / Natural Rubber and the Nuts and Bolts are made from steel as per 4.6 Grade. The head of the bolt is oval necked to fit square shaped holes in the housing. The Coupler castings are Painted / Galvanized.


- This product joins shouldered steel pipe, shouldered fittings and / or shouldered valves.
- Provides a flexible pipe joint which allows for some expansion, contraction and deflection.


Housing: Ductile Iron
Housing Coating: Galvanized/Painted.
GASKET: Natural Rubber/Nitrile/EPDM (specify choice 1,2,3)

1 Grade “T” Nitrile

Nitrile, Temperature range -20⁰F to +180⁰F/-29⁰C to +82⁰C. May be specified for petroleum products, air with oil vapors, vegetable and mineral oils within the specified temperature range. Not compatible for hot water services over +150⁰F/+66⁰C or for hot dry air over +140⁰F/+60⁰C.

2 Natural Rubber

Temperature range -40 to + 60. These are most commonly where we have to transfer Water- Clean/MuddyHot /Cold or Dry/Wet Air.

3 Grade “E2” EPDM

EPDM. Temperature range +73⁰F to +180⁰F/+23⁰C to +82⁰C. May be specified for wet and dry (oil-free air) services only within specified temperature range. Not recommended for petroleum services


Standard: Carbon Steel Oval neck track bolts. Carbon steel heavy hex nuts and bolts of 4.6 Grade. The heavy Bolts and nuts are zinc electroplated.

Coupler for Grooved Pipes

Daman Pipe is manufacturer and exporter of Coupler for Grooved Pipes as per Victaulic specifications.
Grooved Coupling is available in all sizes between 2 Inch to 8 Inch.

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