Daman Pipe is manufacturer and exporter of Split Sets / Friction Bolt along with Domed Bearing Plate and Combi Washers for underground mining and civil engineering projects.

Split Sets / Friction Bolts have been used as a primary roof support in the underground mining environment for many years. The Split Set consists of an open seamed high tensile steel tube with a face plate. One end is tapered for easy insertion into a pre-drilled hole. It is installed by driving the assembly into a marginally smaller hole than the split sets diameter and the welded steel ring then provides the necessary support to hold the washer plate in place. The split set then uses friction to anchor itself along the whole length of the bolt by relying on the radial spring force generated through compression of the tube. Split set technology is used worldwide by many mines for an extensive variety of mining applications.

Key Advantages of using Split Sets

- Fast and easy installation
- Full length support
- Effective support at any angle
- Axial and radial support
- No torqueing or re-torqueing
- No special equipment is required
- Improved rock stability

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